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Field Days

Field Days are held at the Termuende Research Ranch near Lanigan, SK. The annual summer field day is held the third Tuesday of June each year (rain or shine). The winter field day is held in early December (typically every other year). These field days provide producers, researchers and clients with the opportunity to see the centre’s activities first hand. The days consist of guest speakers, technical presentations, and field tours.



2017 Summer Field Day - Tuesday, June 20

Western Beef's 19th Summer Field Day was held Tuesday, June 20th at the Termuende Ranch east of Lanigan, SK. We would like to thank the nearly 200 attendees who came to this year's Field Day.

The theme was "Moving Research Into a New Corral". Invited speaker, Chip Hines opened up the Field Day with a presentation focused on managing for efficiency and paying attention to cow size and pounds weaned. Chip is a retired Colorado rancher who has authored three books including "Cow Country Essays and a Little Slantwise Logic". Following Chip, Dr. Bart Lardner gave a historical overview of WBDC including top research projects coming out of the Centre. Dorothy Murrell, Project Manager for the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence, was the last presenter of the morning with information on the LFCE (http://www.usask.ca/wcvm/lfce/) being built south of Clavet.

2017 Summer Field Day HandbookField Day Handbook

Thank you to our 2017 Field Day Sponsors!

Field Day Sponsors


2016 Winter Field Day - Tuesday, December 13

The 2016 Winter Field Day was held Tuesday, December 13 at Termuende Research Ranch near Lanigan, SK. The afternoon program involved field stops to see two research trials - 3 vs 9 d allocations of standing corn and swathgrazing stage of cutting - in action. It was a cold December day with windchills in the -30 C range, yet close to 40 attendees braved the weather to learn about extensive grazing research.

2016 Winter Field Day AgendaField Day Agenda (subject to change)

Stage of MaturityCorn cowsField Day Attendees

2016 Summer Field Day - Tuesday, June 21

Western Beef's 18th Summer Field Day was held Tuesday, June 21st at the Termuende Ranch east of Lanigan, SK. The theme for this year's Field Day was "The Climate for Cows and Cows for the Climate". Morning presenters included Dr. Edward Bork from the University of Alberta speaking on current research related to environmental goods and services in Alberta grasslands, Deb Wilson spoke on BIXS and Dr. Alan Iwaasa spoke on Methane Production from Beef Cattle. Thank you to all those who attended and all of our sponsors!

Field Day Handbook 2016 Summer Field Day Handbook
Bork Presentation AM Presentation - Dr. Ed Bork - An Overview of Current Research on Environmental Goods and Services in Alberta Grasslands
Wilson Presentation AM Presentation - Deb Wilson - Update on BIXS (Beef Info XChange System)
Iwaasa Presentation AM Presentation - Dr. Alan Iwaasa - Methane Production from Beef Cattle

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2015 Summer Field Day

Western Beef's 17th Summer Field Day was held, Tuesday, June 23rd at the Termuende Ranch. A record attendance of 223 people attended the Field Day. The theme for this year's Field Day was "Practices to Prevail in a Changing Industry". Morning presenters included Jim Gerrish, (American GrazingLands Services) and Kathy Larson (WBDC). A complimentary beef on a bun lunch compliments of the Termuende Trust Fund was catered by a local 4-H Beef Club. Afternoon field tour stops included: Cicer Milkvetch, Selecting Efficient Cows, ZT Openers for Sod Seeding Alfalfa, Supplementing Second Calvers, Forage Evaluation and a Drone Demonstration by FarmWorld (Humboldt). We also hosted the Saskatchewan Forage Council's Annual General Meeting.

Audio-synched versions of Jim Gerrish's presentations and Kathy Larson's presentation are now posted on YouTube - click on the links below.

2015 Summer Field Day Handbook 2015 Summer Field Day Handbook
YouTube Gerrish AM AM Presentation - Jim Gerrish - What Really Matters in Grazing Management
YouTube Larson - WCCCS AM Presentation - Kathy Larson - Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey Results
YouTube Gerrish - Pasture Improvements PM Presentation - Jim Gerrish - Pasture Improvements: How Do You Know it Will Pay?
Gerrish Cost-Benefit Calculator Gerrish - Cost-Benefit Calculator for Pasture Improvements


2014 Winter Field Day

The 2014 Winter Field Day, was held on Tuesday, December 16. The theme for the Field Day was "Path to profit: Record analysis and Genetic Evaluation". Presentations focused on the importance of collecting animal data and analyzing it for informed decision-making. A complimentary hot chili lunch was provided compliments of Blair's Crop and Livestock Solutions. This event was part of a project funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture's Agricultural Demonstration of Practices and Technologies (ADOPT) program.

2014 Winter Field Day Agenda Winter Field Day Agenda
James Steven James, Quantum Genetix
Larson Kathy Larson, WBDC
Durunna Dr. Obioha Durunna, SK Ministry of Agriculture
TruTest Demonstration by Tru-Test's Jason Williams


2014 Summer Field Day

The 2014 Summer Field Day, was held Tuesday, June 24th. The theme for our 16th Summer Field Day was "Partnerships in Research". Morning presenters included Dr. Kendall Swanson (North Dakota State Univ) and Dr. Kim Ominski (Univ of Manitoba). The Termuende Trust Fund provided a complimentary beef on a bun luncheon. Afternoon field tour stops included: RFID Tag Retention Study Findings, How to Sample Hay and Pasture for Feed Quality Testing, Mineral Supplementation Strategies and Animal Health.

Field Day Agenda 2014 Field Day Agenda
Field Day Handbook 2014 Field Day Handbook - Presenter Abstracts
Swanson - Repro Success in Young Beef Cows Reproductive Success in Young Beef Cows - Dr. Kendall Swanson, North Dakota State University
Ominski - Cost of Extreme Weather The Cost of Extreme Weather to Your Breeding Cows - Dr. Kim Ominski, University of Manitoba
3-D Fencing Fact Sheet 3-D Fencing Fact Sheet #52 (Peace River Forage Association of British Columbia)


2013 Summer Field Day



Thanks to all who joined us for our 15th Annual Summer Field on Tuesday June 25, 2013 at the Termuende Research Ranch just east of Lanigan. This year's theme was "Riding Technology into the Future". The morning session included three presentations: Dr. Colin Palmer from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine spoke about selection parameters and management practices for a successful breeding program. Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Specialists Colby Elford (Moose Jaw) and Travis Peardon (Outlook) shared findings from their ADOPT-funded FTAI (fixed-time artificial insemination) project. Dr. Bruce Coulman from the University of Saskatchewan's Plant Science Department rounded out the morning with a presentation on dryland grass breeding.

As always, attendees enjoyed a free lunch provided by the Termuende Trust Fund. The afternoon involved six field presentations followed by a presentation by Dr. John Campbell on painful procedures and the soon to be released Beef Code of Practice.

Presentation Slides from the 2013 Field Day:
(click on PDF icon to download PDF copy of presentation slides)

PDF 2013 Field Day Agenda
Tools for Raising Successful Replacements
Dr. Colin Palmer, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Producer Challenges in Breeding Heifers and Young Cows
Colby Elford and Travis Peardon, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
Dryland Grass Breeding for the Canadian Prairies
Dr. Bruce Coulman, Plant Sciences Department, University of Saskatchewan
Improving RFID Tag Retention
Joy Agnew, PAMI
Painful Procedures and the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle
Dr. John Campbell, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Field Day Handbook


2012 Summer Field Day

Field Day Poster
The Western Beef Development Centre’s annual Summer Field Day was held Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Two hundred people joined us for this year's Field themed “Mid-Sized or Mega – Sizing your Cow Herd”. The morning session focused on issues related to herd size and the future direction of the cow-calf industry. This year's opening speaker was Dr. Glynn Tonsor from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University followed by Ituna-area cow-calf producer Aaron Ivey.

Following the free beef-on-a-bun lunch, bus tours of current research projects began but were cut short due to rain. A steak supper rounded out the day.

Below are the links to presentations made at the 2012 Summer Field Day

PDF Field Day Agenda
PDF The Future of the US Industry: An Overview of Herd Size, Farm-Level Profitability Drivers, and Global Position - Dr. Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University
PDF Management Practices for my Beef Operation - Aaron Ivey, Evergreen Cattle Co., Ituna, SK
PDF Saskatchewan Herd Size Economics - Kathy Larson
PDF Field Day Handbook (for info on field stops)


2009 Winter Field Day

After a few nice days in December, the air turned chill again for the WBDC's Winter Field day, held December 11, 2009. Despite -35 C temperatures, about 60 people turned up for this half-day event consisting of an afternoon of guided field tours of research projects in progress, a couple indoor presentations and a question and answer session. The field tours included:

  • bale grazing
  • backgrounding calves with swath grazing
  • backgrounding calves with swath grazing and wheat DDGS supplementation
  • grazing cows on pea and oat straw/chaff

Blairs' Livestock also hosted a Class of '09 Scholarship Heifer sale at the ranch Saturday, December 12th.

Below are links to presentations that were given at the 2009 Winter Field Day

PDF Utilizing Crop Residues in Beef Cow Diets
PDF Supplementing Beef Cows with DDGS

Runoff From Winter In Feeding Pasture Systems

PDF Frost-Free Nose Pumps





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