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Forage and Beef Research Projects

WBDC Research Activities Involve, but are not limited to:

  1. Forage and Range Management
  2. Beef Production and Management
  3. Cost of Production and Economic Analysis
  4. Supplementation Strategies and Feedstuffs
  5. Water Quality Management
  6. Manure Management

Forage and Range Management

  • BCRC - Forage Evaluation Project and Sainfoin Seeding Rate
  • New Forage Legumes for Sustainable Summer Pastures
  • Sainfoin for Northern Region Adaptation
  • Improving Grazing Capacity Through Introduction of Bloat-Free Legumes in Existing Pasture Stands
  • Reducing Brush and Noxious Weed Abundance in Perennial Pasture Using Goat Browsing

Beef Production and Management

  • Oat, Barley and Triticale for Swathgrazing
  • 3 vs 9d Allocations With and Without a Fibre Source When Grazing Whole Plant Corn
  • Parentage Verification in Multi-Sire Breeding Pastures
  • Improving Reproductive Effiency in Young Beef Cows

Cost of Production and Economic Analysis

  • Importance of Recording and Analyzing Production Records
  • Management and Marketing Practices of Young Ranchers
  • Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey
  • Producer-Friendly Cow-Calf Cost of Production Tool

Supplementation Strategies and Feedstuffs

  • Nutritional Importance and Economics of Good Pellet Quality for SK Beef Cattle
  • Strategically Blended High-Fat Pellets for Pregnant Cows Derived from By-Product Feeds
  • Supplementing Pellets of Varying Fat Source to Improve Reproductive Effiency in Young Beef Cows

Water Quality Management

  • No current studies.

Manure Management

  • No current studies.


Last updated: July 21, 2015.

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